Redefining the Future of Entertainment with AI

Ethernity is a secure, low-cost, builder friendly Layer 2 leveraging Optimism built to bring global entertainment franchises onto the blockchain.

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The Technology Powering
the Next Generation of Entertainment

Ethernity provides the infrastructure you need to tackle any use case

EVM Compatible

Seamless integration of all current standards, including tokens, NFTs and defi smart contracts.
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Fast Transactions

Lightning-gas transaction speeds, ensuring quick and efficient processing of transactions for defi, games etc.
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Low Gas Fees

Experience nearly negligible gas fees, making transactions cost-effective and accessible to all users.
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Purposefully Built for Entertainment

Ethernity Chain is purposefully built with tech to bring global entertainment franchises on-chain.
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Next-Gen AI DRM Control

Ethernity Chain is equipped with an advanced AI engine to prevent counterfeit assets from being traded, protecting users and brands.
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Plug and Play Toolkit

Provides brands and creators with no-code tools to quickly ramp up tokens, storefronts and other applications.
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Carbon Neutral Network

Ethernity is leading the way towards a more responsible and sustainable blockchain infrastructure.
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Join the Fastest Growing Entertainment Ecosystem

The biggest entertainment brands are building on Ethernity Chain

Ecosystem products
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0xLoans by Ethernity
— Coming Soon


Launch faster with products from the Ethernity toolkit

Ethernity Marketplace

Display and sell your collections on the official Ethernity marketplace.

Ethernity Reward Protocol

Get rewarded for supporting the Ethernity Ecosystem through the Stones Reward Protocol.

Plug and Play

Everything you need to launch a project on the Ethernity L2 Network.

Developer and Onboarding Portal

Easily connect, authenticate and engage with your users through their wallet.

More Products Soon

We have multiple products in development for our partners to launch efficiently on Ethernity.

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From all around the globe



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