Bridging The Gap: How Ethernity Chain Will Help Onboard The Masses

Community Update: June 28

By SergioJun 28, 2024


Bridging the gap: How Ethernity Chain will help onboard the masses

One of the biggest priorities at Ethernity is helping to bridge the gap between the Web2 and Web3 worlds.
And we recognize that a part of that has to do with bringing a sense of tangibility to traditional Web2 users—who often dismiss the value proposition of blockchain technology.

RWA Pillar

As such, a key pillar of the Ethernity Chain is Real World Assets (RWA). And to that end, we’re working hand-in-hand with Fanable, an upcoming multi-platform physical collectibles ecosystem that will serve as a foundation to meet our goal of bridging the gap with the masses.

Fanable aims to transform the physical collectibles industry—which is expected to cross the $1 trillion market size within the next decade—by removing barriers to entry involved with shipping and trading these assets. Fanable will make trading physical collectibles between someone in Japan and Germany, as easy as it is for two people living in the same neighborhood.

Based on our integrated relationship with Fanable, we’ve been working with their team to optimize Ethernity Chain to meet not only their needs, but also the needs of ANY RWA platform. And we couldn’t be more grateful to be in such a unique position that allows us to have a powerful entry into the RWA space.

If you haven’t done so already, check out what Fanable has been up to on social media. Their deadline to enter a contest to win a 9.6 CGC graded authenticated copy of Batman #423 signed by superstar creator Todd McFarlane is this Saturday, June 29th. You can sign up with your email over at

Ethernity: The Entertainment L2

The development of the Ethernity Chain as the Layer 2 destination for the entertainment industry has been intensifying.

Entertainment brands have made their concerns known to us. Among the top priorities for them to make the full leap into the Web3 world is ultra-fast transactions settlements, nearly costless transactions and a strong layer of security. And that last point is why Ethernity Chain decided to join the Optimism Superchain and build the blockchain using the OP Stack.

With that out-of-the-way, our focus turned to speed. We wanted to let our entertainment industry partners know that delivering digital assets to their end user would happen within seconds. As such, our Layer 2 solution is 6X faster than the Ethereum mainnet.

Finally, our technology will remove the unpredictability of price fluctuations involved with the Ethereum mainnet. This is something our entertainment partners have voiced as a top concern. Therefore, settling transactions on Ethernity Chain will only cost a few cents.

For the techies amongst us, we recently held a live Townhall going over technical aspects of the Ethernity Chain. You can check it out here.

What’s next?

Our development team is gradually opening the L2 testnet. This is where developers, builders, and tech enthusiasts can tinker with the test version of the blockchain to see what might work well once the mainnet is ready to launch.

In fact, this week, some OG members from Founders Corner will get the first chance to try out our L2 for themselves, and general sign-ups for Private Beta testers will open next week.

The testnet will have a more public launch later in the summer, after our loyal community and a selected group of people have had this initial opportunity to check it out. Additionally, we are kicking off work on our DRM page to check the authenticity of the assets.

We already have partners lined up for our launch later this year. And I hope that you can tagalong for the ride. Our goal has always been to help onboard the masses onto Web3. And we are now closer than ever to accomplishing that.



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