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ERNarmy Europe Cup ‘24 - Rules

By GretaJun 10, 2024


Welcome to the ERNarmy Europe Cup '24, where the Ethernity community can battle it out in an elimination bracket challenge. The most accurate predictions of the victorious soccer teams win big, and it is all live starting June 12, 2024 - follow



To participate in the event, you must have:

・10 ERN locked in Stones Farming

Extra Points:

Boost your event score with the following activities:

・25 Points for each DAO voting participation. (up to 100 points).

・10 Points per Ethernity NFT (up to 100 points)

Eligible wallets can participate in the ERNarmy Europe Cup ‘24.

  • For each correct prediction, participants will be awarded points according to the point system described further below in the “Game Rules”.
  • The ERNarmy Europe Cup ‘24 starts on June 12th 1PM EST (snapshot of wallets) and finishes on July 14th when the final match is complete!
  • The top 3 points holders will win 1,500 ERN, 1,000 ERN and 500 ERN!


Start Entry Knockout Stage: June 27 12PM EST

Deadline for prediction: June 29, 11AM EST

Knockout Stage (games start): June 29, 12PM EST


1. The Group Stage & Top Scorer predictions open on June 12th, 2024 3PM EST.

2. The deadline to submit predictions for the Group Stage & Top Scorer is June 14th, 2024 2PM EST.

3. Your picks are saved automatically. The confirmation pop-up will be displayed after every change made in the group ranking.

4. The moment the deadline passes, users cannot change their predictions.

5. Participants will receive 10 points for each correct team’s position in the group.

6. The maximum points that can be scored in the Group Stage is 240 points.

7. The ranking will be displayed with real-time data after the Group Stage ends.

8. The winner(s) of the Group Stage will receive an authentic Ethernity NFT as a prize!

9. The prizes for the top three ERNarmy Europe Cup ‘24 participants with the most points:🏆1st Place wins 1,500 ERN🥈2nd place wins 1,000 ERN🥉3rd place wins 500 ERN


  • To submit your picks, simply drag and drop your predictions on — all changes are saved automatically! After a successful save, a pop-up appears to tell you your choices are saved! If your choices are not successfully saved, a pop up will appear to notify you.
  • Predictions can be changed as often as you like, but will be locked promptly at the two deadlines.
  • ‼️After the deadlines, there will be no way to change your predictions‼️ So be prepared to get all your choices in on time!
  • 👀Check out other Ethernity Community member’s choices! Participants will be able to see other participants’ predictions when they click on their name on this page.



  • In order to receive points, each participant must predict the correct order of teams in each of the groups. In total, there are 6 groups, with 4 teams per group.
  • Each correct prediction is awarded 10 points
  • If all 4 teams are correctly predicted, this results in a total of 40 points: 4 teams x 10 points = 40 points.
  • If all of the groups are correctly predicted the participant has the maximum of 240 points: 6 groups x 40 points = 240 points.
  • If a participant selects the top scorer of the tournament correctly, they are awarded a number of points determined by the likelihood that player will indeed be the top scorer. Please refer to the below chart listing the points awarded for each of the 21 players most expected to be named Top Scorer.
  • In the event that someone other than one of these top 21 players is named top scorer of the tournament, and this was predicted by choosing the “other” selection, the participant wins 750 points!

Top Scorer Point System

Harry Kane 55

Kylian Mbappé 58

Cristiano Ronaldo 130

Jude Bellingham 170

Romelu Lukaku 190

Olivier Giroud 210

Antoine Griezmann 260

Álvaro Morata 260

Kai Havertz 260

Bukayo Saka 290

Phil Foden 290

Gonçalo Ramos 340

Rasmus Højlund 340

Cody Gakpo. 340

Niclas Füllkrug 340

Memphis Depay 340

Marcus Thuram 410

Donyell Malen 410

Lamine Yamal 410

Jamal Musiala 410

Gianluca Scamacca 410

Other 750


  • Each correct prediction for Round of 16 (8 games) is awarded 40 points
  • Each correct prediction for Quarter-Finals (4 games) is awarded 80 points
  • Each correct prediction for the Semi-Finals (2 games) is awarded 160 points
  • The correct prediction for the Final Winner is awarded 320 points


  • The user ranking will be displayed after the group stage ends, and will be live until the end of the tournament!
  • After the end of each tournament game, the ranking will be refreshed with the latest data.


  • The winner(s) of the Group Stage, i.e. the user(s) with the highest number of points awarded, will receive an authentic Ethernity NFT as a prize!
  • The prizes for the top three ERNarmy Europe Cup ‘24 participants with the most points are as follows:

🏆1st Place wins 1,500 ERN🥈2nd place wins 1,000 ERN🥉3rd place wins 500 ERN


1. Correct prediction of the champion:

The user who correctly predicts the tournament champion should be given precedence.

2. Correct prediction of finalists:

If the tie remains, look at the users who predicted both teams in the final correctly.

3. Number of correct predictions in the Knockout Stage: Count the number of correct predictions in the knockout stages (Round of 16, Quarter-finals, Semi-finals, and Final).

4. Number of correct predictions in Group Stage.

5. Count the number of correct predictions in the group stage (e.g., exact group positions of teams).

6. Earliest submission: The user who submitted their bracket earliest.

Disclaimer: Ethernity’s ERNarmy Europe Cup ‘24 is in no way affiliated with UEFA EURO 2024.

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