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Ethernity Ecosystem DeFi Products

By GretaJun 14, 2024


The Ethernity Ecosystem is proud to support our community with a host of valuable DeFi products. We have developed a full fledged system of quality staking opportunities and top tier rewards! See all the ways you can win through our DeFi products here!

Fixed Staking

Fixed staking involves “locking up” a portion of your ERN tokens for a specified period, contributing to the ERN community in exchange for incentives, which are in the form of ERN tokens. Stake ERN and receive ERN as a reward, on our platform.

Read more about Fixed Staking V2 here.

LP Staking

This form of staking provides liquidity on Uniswap (ETH/ERN pair) and generates LP tokens that can be staked on to receive ERN as a reward.

Learn more about LP staking here.

Satoshi Staking

This artwork was the first ever NFT created in Ethernity’s early days to honor Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym of the mastermind who developed Bitcoin, authored the Bitcoin whitepaper, and ignited a blockchain revolution.

Each holder will be entitled to stake their lucrative Satoshi NFT for 365 days, which will unlock 10 ERN per day. Each lucky holder may claim up to 3,650 ERN in total. Holders may stake and unstake their card at any time, and may trade the NFT on the Ethernity marketplace. If you're planning to buy this NFT on our marketplace, always check how many tokens are already claimed by the previous owner(s)! This is displayed before you select an item to purchase.

Read more about Satoshi Staking here.

Farmers Market

Stones Farming is a cutting-edge protocol in the Ethernity Ecosystem offering high-yield rewards to ERN token holders, encouraging participation and support within the network.

Users can leverage their ERN tokens to be rewarded with Stones, a unique currency of the Farmers Market, granting them access to a range of exclusive items, events, and auction participation.

The market showcases a broad selection of items available for bidding and purchase, including NFTs, physical goods, and special merchandise, all purchasable with Stones earned from Stones Farming.

Connect your wallet and earn stones at a rate of 1 ERN — 1,000 Stones per day.

Happy Staking!

Learn more about our token economics here.

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