Ethernity Partners with Entangle to Integrate Advanced Price Data Feeds

By GretaJun 03, 2024


Ethernity is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Entangle, the fully customizable and interoperable data infrastructure layer that allows any Web2 and Web3 primitive to become omnichain. This collaboration marks a significant step in enhancing Ethernity's functionality and user experience through the incorporation of advanced data feeds.

Entangle is revolutionizing blockchain interoperability with its comprehensive suite of customizable data and interoperability solutions. Entangle’s core offerings include Photon Messaging for seamless cross-chain communication, Universal Data Feeds for secure, low-latency data transfer, e-VRF for secure randomness, and Liquid Vaults for enhanced liquidity and yield. With a commitment to security, customizability, and simplicity, Entangle connects Web2 and Web3 ecosystems, driving mainstream blockchain adoption.

For more information, visit Entangle.

Entangle's Data Feeds: Enhancing Transparency and Trust

Entangle’s data feeds provide real-time, accurate information crucial for the pricing and valuation of the ERN token. This integration enhances trust within Ethernity's marketplace by ensuring transparent and reliable pricing mechanisms.

Benefits of the Partnership

  • Improved Governance: Accurate, real-time data feeds empower users to make informed and interoperable decisions across blockchains using the ERN token, enhancing governance and yield generation.
  • Enhanced Liquidity Utilization: Reliable pricing information allows users to optimize their asset utilization across various DeFi platforms, improving capital efficiency and liquidity management.
  • Accurate Asset Valuation: Real-time data feeds ensure precise pricing and valuation of assets, boosting trust and liquidity within the marketplace.


The partnership between Entangle and Ethernity represents a significant milestone. Users can expect transparent pricing mechanisms, real-time data access, and improved asset management capabilities. This collaboration sets the stage for a more efficient and trustworthy marketplace, facilitating seamless cross-chain experiences and broader asset utilization.

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