Satoshi Staking

By GretaJun 27, 2024


Inspired by Satoshi’s pioneering innovation, we are excited to highlight the next generation of Ethernity NFTs that honor Satoshi's numerous achievements and Ethernity's commitment to providing exceptional utility. The rare Ethernity Genesis: Satoshi marks our bold venture into NFT staking. Holders can stake this exclusive card for 365 days, earning 10 ERN daily. Over the course of a year, each cardholder can accumulate up to 3,650 ERN, starting in May.

How can I get an Ethernity Genesis: Satoshi? Ethernity Genesis Satoshi NFTs are available in our Mystery Boxes and Auctions during Farmers Market events. Additionally, they may be used for occasional giveaways.

How does it work? Staking and unstaking your Satoshi NFT is simple: 1. Visit Satoshi Staking page on Ethernity DeFi Dashboard. 2. Connect your wallet 3. Select the card you wish to stake and press the “Stake” button. 3. Approve the contract and confirm the transaction via Metamask. 4. Once the transaction is complete, a pop-up will confirm that your NFT is successfully staked. Check your rewards and staking duration on our page at any time.

Important Details:

- Satoshi NFT holders can stake and unstake their NFTs at any time.

- Each staked Satoshi NFT earns 10 ERN every 24 hours, up to 365 days.

- Rewards are unlocked only after 24 hours of staking. Unstaking partway through the day forfeits that day's rewards.

- The Satoshi NFT can be sold on Ethernity’s marketplace or other NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and LooksRare.

- Accumulated rewards can be claimed at any time while the NFT remains staked.

- Unstaking the NFT automatically claims all accumulated rewards to the holder’s wallet.

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