June 14th Community Update

Football Season Is Upon Us!

By SergioJun 14, 2024


Are you ready for some football?

No, not that kind of football, silly! I mean the soccer kind of football. You know, this kind: ⚽

Ugh, if you only knew the level of restraint it takes for me to use the word “football” instead of soccer 🙄

Anyhow, Ethernity has officially kicked off its “football” season tournaments!

Here’s everything you need to know about our upcoming socc—er, I mean “football” tournaments:

1️⃣ ERNarmy Europe Cup ‘24

For our European football fanatics, we have the ERNarmy Europe Cup ‘24, where you can enter to win up to 1,500 $ERN!

You’re not going to want to miss this one. Check out the prizes:

The prizes for the top three ERNarmy Europe Cup ‘24 participants with the most points are as follows:

🏆1st Place wins 1,500 ERN
🥈2nd place wins 1,000 ERN
🥉3rd place wins 500 ERN

Also, the winner(s) of the Group Stage, i.e. the user(s) with the highest number of points awarded, will receive an authentic Ethernity NFT as a prize!

And if you hold ANY Ethernity NFTs, you will earn “booster points” that will help get you closer to winning.

Here are all the rules: LINK

2️⃣ ERNarmy Copa ’24

For our friends located in the Western Hemisphere, we have something for you as well!

Upon seeing the huge demand on the ERNarmy Europe Cup ’24 we have decided that we will organize another football event: the ERNarmy Copa ’24, which will start next week!

The Copa tournament begins June 20th and the snapshot will take place June 18, 12PM EST. Details will come Monday.

NOTE: For either event, you need at least 10 ERN locked in the Stones Farming contract to participate.

If you are rooting for Spain, then I am rooting for you—that’s all I gotta say.


  • Announced partnership with Entangle: By integrating Entangle’s advanced data feeds, we’re enhancing transparency and reliability in the Ethernity ecosystem. This integration provides real-time pricing and valuation for the $ERN token.
  • KuCoin partnership for Quiz Campaign: We’re excited to collaborate with KuCoin for an engaging Quiz Campaign. Additionally, stay tuned for our upcoming Twitter Space event on KuCoin’s channel, where we’ll discuss this partnership and other exciting developments.
  • Recruiting more developers: All hands on board with L2 development – starting next week, you may see some job postings. Ethernity is recruiting senior developers to strengthen our technical team and accelerate our progress.
  • Focus on onboarding new projects: Our focus is moving to onboarding new projects onto the L2.
  • Tech Town Hall series on Twitter Spaces: We’ve kicked off a series of Tech Town Hall events on Twitter Spaces and will be hosting them regularly. Join us to stay updated on the latest technical developments and engage with our team.

Enjoy your weekend everyone 👋

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